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Dual action buffer vs rotary buffer

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Are you among those drivers who love making their car look shining? For professional
polishing, you will have to select the right tool to do the job yourself. If you decide to take it in
your hands, you will have to face the dilemma between a dual action and a rotary buffer. Of
course, with due diligence and effort, both devices can do a great job. However, there are a lot of
differences between them that you need to take into consideration before you make your choice.
That is why in this blog, we will provide an overview of each of those tools.
First and foremost, you should understand the difference between the two. Let’s start with
the dual action buffer.
A dual action buffer is called so because it creates a double action – spinning and
operating, whether it concerns buffing, polishing, applying wax, sanding, or adding paint to
surfaces. Its operation actually resembles earth’s motion – circular and spinning. What are the
reasons to choose it? First, it is super-safe. The jiggling motion lowers the risk of burning the
paint to a great extent when you polish your vehicle. The motion makes it next to impossible to
apply too concentrated pressure in a single place, thereby protecting your car. Another benefit is
that it produces high-quality finish. Such buffers are more effective than rotary buffers because
they not only rotate but also oscillate, so that you can avoid buffer swirls in your finish if you use
the right pads and chemicals. Besides its unique motion, such a buffer is extremely user-friendly.
They produce less heat as compared to rotary buffers, those are much lighter, smaller, and easier
to operate. That is why a dual action buffer is the best option if you are a beginner.
As far as rotary buffers are concerned, they have been around for such a long time that
can already be considered classic and are still preferred by lots of car owners. The key reason is
that they are capable of doing a big amount of paintwork in no time. The greatest advantage is
high speed – they are much quicker than their counterparts, which makes them a great choice
when time is the main factor for you. The working principle is quite different from the previous
type because their drive unit is direct. This results in a highly powerful rotating motion because
there is only a single spinning motion. That is why it is you who are in charge of ensuring that
the buffer moves while it spins. That is why you should focus on areas that require more
alertness such as deep scratches. However, despite its benefits, a rotary buffer requires more
skills to operate it correctly. There is always a danger of employing more downward force than
needed because of increased heat and friction. While a dual action polisher does not cut deep
enough, a rotary one can go too deep before you can stop it.
Consider all the features and make your choice!

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