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Carnauba wax vs. other waxes

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It is hardly a new thing to compare artificial and natural substances, especially when it comes to car waxes. If you are an experienced car owner, you know that there are actually two main types of car wax: synthetic (artificial) and carnauba (natural). They can come in different forms like spray, paste, or liquid. Both have their strong and weak sides. In this blog, we will try to raise your knowledge about both before you make your choice.

If you are for natural components in everything, you will be happy to know that carnauba wax offers a lot more shine than synthetic sealants. The point is that its main component is resin from a Copernicia Cerifera palm tree that grows in Brazil. By contrast, synthetic waxes contain polymers with a lot of artificial particles. Yet, natural wax is shinier as compared to its counterparts. Moreover, it also has great hydrophobic characteristics that make your vehicle much easier to wash and dry, which is particularly convenient during the rainy season. This makes it the major choice of vintage car fans, as well as those who have dark-colored cars, because it better highlights the hue. Carnauba wax comes in many color variations, with yellow and white being the most common ones. The former contains only pure carnauba and is usually the most one you can find in the market.

If you like synthetic protective substances, the good news is that that they are much more durable that carnauba. Synthetic wax offers more protection than natural wax because it has chemicals that bond with the paint of the car. Though it is not as shiny as carnauba, synthetic wax stays on top of the paint for a longer period, which makes it a favorite option for those who do not have the time to wax their cars too often.

As far as application is concerned, liquid wax is the easiest to apply due to its fast-drying property. Besides, it is easy to remove compared to other forms of waxes. Carnauba wax and synthetic wax both come in liquid form so in this aspect they are plus or less equal.

As for durability Carnauba wax has low durability rate compared to synthetic one. It lasts for no longer than four months so you will have to apply it rather often to keep your car shiny. Synthetic sealants, by contrast, last up to a year, so you can forget about it for long. However, you should keep in mind that wax durability is influenced by factors like the method of application, surface preparation, frequency of car washing, the environment, and many other factors.

The price range of car wax is not dependent on the kind of wax, but more on what brand you choose. Waxes that are above $40 are considered high-quality carnauba waxes and can be a mixture of natural and synthetic components. Do not hunt for brands. The first thing to do is to decide what you want to get from the purchase.

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