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Buffing a car with a dual action buffer

Cleaning Car Tires – The Do’s and Dont’s

Have you already tried to buff your car with a dual action buffer? If no, this is something
you really must try. A dual action buffer or polisher is a miraculous device that will help you to
remove all possible marks and scratches from the paint of your vehicle. Moreover, such a buffer
can help in the application of wax and polish to your car. You can be totally sure that a dual
action polisher is a perfect addition to your car care kit. If you have no idea how to use one, in
this blog, you will find a detailed guide on how to use a dual action polisher.
First of all, you should understand what this polisher is. A dual action polisher is a highly
functional tool that allows you to wax and polish your vehicle easily and effectively. Polishing or
waxing with the use of your hand or applicator can cause uneven streaks on your car’s paint. By
contrast, the orbital action of the polisher makes it possible to apply wax or polish seamlessly.
Besides, the polisher does not burn or remove the pain.
But how to use a dual action polisher to achieve the desired result? Here is the sequence
of steps to follow.
First, select cleaning pads. Make sure you select the appropriate cleaning pad for
polishing. Your choice of a cleaning pad should be based on the result you want to get. There are
different types of cleaning pads:
1) Light cutting foam pad. If your purpose is to remove moderate to severe scratches off
the paint, the cutting foam pad is a perfect option. You can use the pads with paint
cleaners and polishes.
2) Polishing foam pad. The benefit of a polishing pad is that it gives the paint a glossy
shine and comes in different textures.
3) Finishing foam pad. This kind of a pad will give you the best outcomes while
applying waxes or sealants. It can easily remove the swirl marks on dark-colored
paints. Finishing foam pads are typically black.
The second step is to prepare your car. Clean it well before using the dual-action polisher.
Remember that you should never use a dual action polisher on a dirty vehicle. Otherwise, new
scratches can appear.
Finally, you can pass on to remove scratches, wax your car and polish it. If you want to
remove the scratches and swirl marks, use the cutting pad and polish. First, attach the cutting pad
and apply the paint cleaner or polish over the pad’s surface. Make sure all the areas in the pad
are covered with polish. Next, place the pad on the spot you want to polish and switch on the
polisher. In a back-and-forth motion, apply the polish onto the surface.
You can choose the polishing pad and polishing product you like. Attach the polishing
pad and apply an optimal amount onto it. Cover the surface completely with the polish.
Repeat the same steps to wax your car.

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