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Some mistakes to avoid when you clean your car wheels

Some mistakes to avoid when you clean your car wheels

Every driver knows that it is important clean and protect your wheels regularly and thoroughly.
However, trying to clean your wheels the wrong way can actually worsen the situation and cause
more harm than good in the long run. That is why in this blog, we have composed a list of
mistakes drivers make when cleaning car wheels.
1) Starting with the rest of the car
Wheels quickly become covered with dirt, sand, tar, mud, and brake dust. That is why, despite
the fact that it seems illogical to start from them (since the rest is washed from top to bottom),
the wheels are to be treated first. Otherwise, you run the risk of splattering contaminants and
compounds over the paint coating.
2) Washing all the wheels simultaneously
When you do the job, take it one at a time. It may seem a bit time-consuming but if you try to
wet all of the wheels at once with wheel cleaner, the cleaner will dry before you rinse it off,
which can lead to streaking.
3) Choosing the wrong cleaner
The chemicals that your wheels need to get rid of contaminants are quite different from those
that are caked on a dirty dish. So, do not use dishwashing detergents (which is quite a common
mistake among car owners). They will remove protective coating from the wheels and strip out
oils from the rubber.
4) Using wrong tools
Stay away from dish scrubbers or steel wool. Wheel brushes are designed to be gentle, soft and
non-abrasive. A tire brush, on the other hand, is stiffer and intended for more intensive
5) Scrubbing too soon
Brake dust – the sticky black residue – is the most common contaminant. The wheel cleaner is
formulated to dissolve it. It does its job rather quickly, but it still needs time to work.

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