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Some useful tips for car washing and drying

Cleaning Car Tires – The Do’s and Dont’s

Have you ever washed your car yourself? Unfortunately, it is not enough to take a bucket of
soapy water to do the job. In this blog, we will give you a short list of basic rules for washing
and drying:
1) Find the right moment. For the same reason, when it is hot, you should not wash your car
with chemicals or add wax to polish it because it will damage the paintwork.
2) Remember to close all the windows. Although it seems obvious, many drivers often
forget to do it. This is particularly important when you work with detergents or cleaning
3) Retract your antenna. When you are concentrated on washing, you might fail to pay
attention to the antenna and as a result it can easily bend or break.
4) Put your windshield wipers up and facing away from the windshield. This way, you will
be able to remove all the dirt and grease from the entire front window.
5) Use a trim cleaner instead of a wet cloth. Dash grim cleaner will keep your car clean for a
longer time because such cloths attract dust using static. Moreover, they prevent
scratches. Make sure that your cloth does not have sandy or rocky deposits.
6) Do not forget to put effort. Even with a pressure washer and good soap you will need to
scrub with either a brush or a hand cloth.
7) Park in the shade. Any water you put on your car will evaporate very quickly and might
leave soap streaks.
8) Always have clean towels on hand. Towels will collect debris as well as minerals left
behind by the water.
9) Always work from top to bottom. Working from top to bottom prevents water left on
higher surfaces from sliding down onto areas you have already dried.
10) Use spray waxes. They will help you to remove water spots.

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