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How to Properly Wash and Dry Your Car with a Pressure Washer

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If washing your car feels more like an arduous chore than a labor of love, you are probably looking for quick-fix solutions. A pressure washer can save plenty of time and effort, but only if you do things properly. Using the wrong tools or rushing the job could also make things a lot worse. So, here are some tips on how to wash a car with a pressure washer.

1) Get Yourself Set Up In The Right Spot.

Before turning on any high-pressure machinery, you must park in a good space and ensure all windows are closed. Work on a smooth driveway rather than anywhere that gravel could fly up and hit the car. Also, ensure you have enough room to stand back at the right distance. Once you have everything to hand, you can start on the first rinse.

2) Make Sure You Use The Right Nozzle For Appropriate Pressure.

There are two rinsing processes to consider when learning how to clean a car with a pressure washer. One setting blasts dirt and dust away before adding the detergent, and the other rinses the detergent off. Each process requires a different nozzle and degree of pressure to get the car clean without damaging it.

A 25-degree nozzle is great for pre-wash rinses and dealing with mud on wheels, while the wider 40-degree one is better for rinsing off the detergent. Don’t go for anything more powerful as 15-degree nozzles can strip paint.

3) Make Sure To Scrub The Car Too.

Applying a coat of diluted detergent is essential for breaking down the dirt and grime left behind after the first rinse. But, you can’t expect it to just soak in and rinse away. You need to get stuck in and scrub the remaining dirt for the best results.

4) Use The Right Cleaning Tools To Avoid Damaging The Paintwork.

When scrubbing the car to lift stubborn dirt, you need the right tools. Make sure to either use separate brushes for the wheels and body or start with the body first. The last thing you want is grit from the wheels getting stuck in bristles and scratching the paint. A soft scrubbing brush will handle tough marks, but you might prefer a microfibre cloth for a more gentle clean. Either way, make sure they are clean before you start.

5) Don’t Leave Your Car To Air Dry.

The job of cleaning your car doesn’t end with that final rinse. You could walk away and let the car dry in the sun, but this just put it at risk of unsightly watermarks. You can avoid this by gently drying the paintwork for a pristine surface. Again, go for a fresh microfiber towel to avoid scuffs and marks.

Follow These Steps For A Clean Car You Can Be Proud Of.

This might all sound like a lot more work than you had hoped, but it is worth the effort. By learning how to wash a car with a pressure washer correctly you can avoid damage and get the best finish. So, give this a try and see how much better your car looks.

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