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How To Clean Your Tinted Windows

How To Clean Your Tinted Windows

Tinted windows add a great degree of value to your vehicle. For one, they endow it with a decidedly elegant look. They also protect the seats, internal components, and even our own skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

This tint consists of a thin polymer film tightly applied to your window’s surface. This essentially means that it’s readily exposed to damages produced by external agents. Nevertheless, if treated right, you should be capable of extending its lifespan by a large margin.

How to Properly Clean Tinted Car Windows

Cleaning tinted windows is easier said than done. You will have to avail yourself of the right products/tools and get acquainted with the correct methods to ensure that the tinting doesn’t get compromised in the process.

Let’s now disclose various tips on how to safely clean tinted car windows. If you abide by these guidelines, you should preserve your tints almost as they were when first installed!

1. Avoid Ammonia-Based Products.

The first thing we strongly advise against is using ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning products. Be mindful that the tint film is dyed, and dye is not known to react positively with ammonia, as it will ultimately cause your tint to develop bubbling and discoloration.

Always choose products marketed for tinted windows or, at the very least, products free of ammonia and phosphates. Soapy water would do just fine in the absence of a dedicated cleaning solution.

The typical products many people employ for these cleaning duties – such as baking soda – are unwelcome in your window-cleaning sessions. Baking soda is a highly abrasive compound that will undoubtedly leave prominent (and permanent) scratches on your tints.

2. Always Wash Under a Shade

This is true even if your car doesn’t carry any tinted windows. The sun’s heat, especially during summer, dries out your car windows in an instant, so you won’t be able to spread your cleaning solution of choice evenly across them, or you’d have to apply generous amounts to compensate (which would have you wasting more than you regularly should).

3. Use the Correct Cloth

Even if you applied the correct product with the right formula, picking the wrong cloth for your tinted window can spell disaster for its integrity.

Always stick to a soft microfiber cloth and avoid rugged-textured ones. Don’t ever think about scrubbing your window with a brush or abrasive sponge (though that’s probably a given). Also, while you may be tempted (as we all are!) to make good use of your old t-shirt or rag, don’t! Your tint will potentially end up with ugly-looking scratches otherwise.

4. You Can Use a Squeegee (With Moderation)

After reading the rather voluminous list of don’ts we just outlined, you may already be worried about whether to utilize your trusted squeegee. However, you’ll be glad to learn that squeegees can safely rid your tinted windows of residual water drops without any major hassle.

But beware! Carefully check your squeegee before proceeding to rub it indiscriminately against your window.

The squeegee should not have any protruding metal parts that might get in contact with the tint, nor should it harbor any sharp edges. Also, make sure that the squeegee hasn’t caught any grit or dirt on the rubber.

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